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  ■  Fishing
          Big Rig
          Big Tuna
          Coosa HD
          Cruise 10 Angler
          Cruise 12 Angler
          Cuda 12
          Cuda 14
          SUPerFISHal  (SUP)
          Tripper 12


  ■  Kids
          Mini Tripper

  ■  Rec & Touring
          Cruise 12
        Journey 13.5
          Journey 14         
          Riviera Tandem 
          Rogue 9
          Rogue 10
          Tupelo 12
          Tupelo 12.5
■  Whitewater
          Fun Runner 60
          Fun Runner 70
          Rock Star Lg
          Rogue 9 
          Rogue 10


Factory tour



               Big Rig     Video

13'2"L x 37"W, 85 lbs

The Big Rig is a single-person SOT designed for incredible stability in a stand-up fishing kayak. 
Takes the best features of other Jackson Kayak fishing models into a new, larger package, while
introducing some new ones at the same time to create the ultimate all-water, all fishing style, fishing machine.
The Big Rig comes ready to accept the Raymarine Dragonfly fishfinder and Power-Pole Micro stake out systems.

SALE:  $1274,  2014


                  Big Tuna     Video

14'1"L x 35.5"W, 87 lbs (without seats)
Capacity  500 lbs

Big Tuna Yak Attack Edition w/rudder - $1999


               Coosa     Video

11'2"L x 32"W, 64 lbs (without  seat)
Capacity  375 lbs

DEMO:  $999,  2014

Coosa Yak Attack Edition - $1449

NEW 2015     Coosa HD    video         

12'1"L x 34"W, 79 lbs (without  seat)
Capacity  400 lbs

              Cruise 10 Angler

10'3"L x 32.5"W, 60 lbs  (without  seat)
Capacity  300 lbs

SALE:  $807,  2014


              Cruise 12 Angler

12'3"L x 31.5"W, 63  lbs (without  seat)
Capacity  350 lbs

SALE:  $892,  2014



              Cuda 12     Video

12'6"L x 31"W, 68 lbs (without  seat)
Capacity  350 lbs
SALE:  $1104,  201

               Cuda 14     Video

14'3"L x 30"W, 74 lbs (w/removable seat)
Capacity  400 lbs
SALE:  $1105,  2013 demo



               Cuda LT

12'8"L x 32.5"W, 60 lbs (w/removable seat)
Capacity  350 lbs



12'4"L x 37"W, 64 lbs
Capacity  375 lbs

SALE:  $1062,  2014



11'7"L x 35"W, 69 lbs (w/removable seat)
Capacity  350 lbs

Designed with fishing in mind! This SUP is stable, straight-tracking and
set up for the fishing enthusiast. Features like screw-in technology for RAM equipment
or accessories, a removable deck organizer for, paddle, tackle, water bottle, and gear storage, and
mount points for your favorite gear make this a unique fishing craft. Bow and stern are equipped
with webbing straps to support any extra equipment you may want to take with you.



 Tripper 12

12'4"L x 31"W, 67 lbs (w/removable seat)
Capacity  375 lbs

Based on the incredibly stable, fast and versatile Kilroy hull.  Designed for exploration fun and family adventure.
Comes with loads of storage space, our comfortable Hi-Lo Elite seat and unending ways
to set it up for your on-water use.  Stuff it for a long adventure, load it up for fishing
or simply take it out for a leisurely paddle.

SALE:  $849,  2014




9'2"L x 23"W, 27 lbs
ideal weight range:  40-140 lbs

The MiniTripper gives kids of all ages the safety and stability they need
when they first venture out on the water. A hybrid of the canoe and kayak, 
it can take kid, gear, dog and more on great journeys of adventure,
exploration and just flat out fun.

SALE:  $382,  2014



              Cruise 12     Video

12'3"L x 31.5"W, 63 lbs  (without  seat)
Capacity  350 lbs

This is a boat designed primarily for general purpose use. 
However with the Hi-Lo Elite seat, stand-ability, and mounting points for fishing accessories,
it also makes a great starting platform for an easily customizable fishing kayak.


SALE:  $764,  2013


              Journey 13.5     Video

13'6"L x 24"W, 55 lbs

Designed for the touring paddler who seeks out a boat to champion themselves into the next levels
of their adventures.  The Journey offers speed, stability and comfort for paddlers looking to push
their adventures to greater heights. This kayak utilizes best-in-class design techniques in edge control,
comes Smart rudder ready and is equipped with our JK outfitting.  Offers you comfort and performance
rarely found in 14 foot type touring boats. Whether you are paddling just for the day or for several days,
the Journey is fantastic.

            $1399  w/rudder

Journey 14

14'L x 24.5"W, 57 lbs

SALE:  $1002,  2014

           $1399  w/rudder

SALE:  $1172,  2014


              Riviera     Video

11'4"L x 29"W, 53 lbs
Capacity  300 lbs

Quite possibly the easiest to use kayak on the market, the Rivera was inspired by a group of outfitters
who wanted a kayak that was very stable, easy to paddle, comfortable, required no maintenance,
and fit paddlers of almost any size. These same features make the Riviera just the ticket for those
who want an easy to use, hassle-free kayak for cruising, fishing, or just having fun on the water.






6'10"L x 25.5"W, 32 lbs, 52 gal
Capacity 210 lbs, 
Optimal Overall  165 lbs


Fun Runner 60

7'9"L x 25"W, 35 lbs, 60 gal
Target Weight Range: 100-200 lbs

SALE:  $839,  2012


Fun Runner 70

7'9"L x 25"W, 38 lbs, 70 gal
Target Weight Range: 150-250 lbs

SALE:  $839,  2012


ROGUE 9 & 10
This whitewater kayak is great for flatwater trips too! Ample dry storage for multi-day trips and
a retracting skeg for better tracking. Versatility is the hallmark of the Rogue thanks to a hull
shape designed to expertly bridge the opposing performance characteristics of being fast
on flat water yet nimble as a whitewater kayak. Light touring down meandering rivers
to running class II-III whitewater is the Rogue’s calling card.


9'4"L x 24"W, 45 lbs
Capacity 200 lbs




10'1"L x 27"W, 48 lbs
Capacity 280 lbs

SALE:  $849,  2014



                                       SUPerCHARGER   Video   Video   Review 

9'8"L x 36"W x 8"H
57 lbs
Capacity 250 lbs

SALE:  $679,  2013