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(Rec. and DayTouring)

     Carolina 12
     Carolina 14
     Expression 11
     Joyride 12
     Prodigy 10
     Sound 9.5
     Sound 10.5
     Tribute 12




SOTs (sit on tops)
Rec. & Fishing

     Crank 10.0
     Outlaw 11.5
Pescador 10
     Pescador 12

     Pescador Pro 10
     Pescador Pro 12
    Tribe 13.5


Note:  Some models shown below may not be currently in stock.

Carolina 14

Weight  53 lbs.

Capacity  300 lb

Two more feet will give you even more speed and even better tracking
plus added storage space for longer distances or extended weekend camping. 
Want more control on windy days?  Go with the rudder option.

out of stock


Outlaw 11.5

Weight  70 lbs.
Capacity  425 lb


Transducer scupper on hull for fish finders
2 "double-barrel" rod holders
Traction pads to add grip and deaden sound

coming soon


Pescador 10

Weight  57 lbs.
Capacity  325 lb

Cruise, explore and fish, with kayaking’s most well-rounded performer.
Designed to be the best all-around boats for the money.  Unmatched
stability, speed, and straight-tracking performance makes it
fun for even new paddlers to explore lakes, ponds, and flat-water rivers.

coming soon




             Tribe 13.5 - tandem     Video

13'5"L x 34"W
Weight  67 lbs.

Capacity  500 lb

Three's company in the Tribe 13.5 tandem.
Excellent for discerning, price-conscious beginners or seasoned paddlers,
the Tribe performs adeptly in the surf and rough ocean, flat water, and
lazy rivers. It's the complete package of speed, control, and comfort.
Paddling solo is also no problem from the center seat.

comming soon