11'10" L  x 31" W x 4 3/4" H - 30 LBS

    EWE Construction
    2+1 Fin Set Up
    Gore-Tex vent plug
    Deck pad installed
    In deck handle
    Double leash plugs

Explore flat water lakes and oceans with a progressively designed board.
Glide and stability are important, especially when you are talking about a
board that the entire family can use. The Explore board has unparalleled durability,
innovation and design for an affordable price.






Cali 12'6"

12'6" L x 28" W x 8" H - 25 LBS

  Beg. Paddler     up to 170lb
  Intermediate      up to 205lb
  Advanced          up to 235lb

Touring / Racing






All Arounder

  A true ALL-AROUND board.
The Smoothie allows stability for the 1st timer while intermediate paddlers can develop their surf and paddle skills.   Designed to be ridden in all conditions from flat water fun paddles to riding medium size waves.   The ideal board to enjoy both worlds on.


10'10" L x 32" W x 4 5/8" H - 27 LBS

  Beg. Paddler     up to 220 LBS
  Intermediate      up to 245 LBS
  Advanced          up to 285 LBS




11'16" L x 33" W x 5" H - 29 LBS

Beg. Paddler     up to 230 LBS
Intermediate      up to 255 LBS
    Advanced          up to 295 LBS





10’0” L x 33” W x 4 5/8" H
28 LBS

   Beg. Paddler     up to 175lb
   Intermediate      up to 225lb
   Advanced          up to 275lb



The Focus SUP Hawaii Soft SUP boards features a complete rail protection, strong rails for added stability and grooved built in deck pad.

               Single Fin
               Carrying Handle
               EVA Traction Pad
               GoPro® Camera Mount
               Leash Plug





11’0” L x 33” W x 4 1/2” H

  Beg. Paddler     up to 200lb
  Intermediate      up to 275lb
  Advanced          up to 325lb




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11'7"L x 35"W, 69 lbs
Capacity  350 lbs

Designed with fishing in mind! This SUP is stable, straight-tracking and
set up for the fishing enthusiast. Features like screw-in technology for RAM equipment or
accessories, a removable deck organizer for paddle, tackle, water bottle and gear storage.
  Also mount points for your favorite gear make this a unique fishing craft. Bow and stern are 
equipped with webbing straps to support any extra equipment you may want to take with you.



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              Irish Twin   Video 

10'6"L x 30"W, 5 1/4"H, 29 lbs
Capacity  250 lbs

The Irish Twin is designed to handle any condition you choose. Glides in the flat water, and excels in the surf.
The full nose allows stability taking off and paddling through waves, while the pulled tail allows for
easier turning and maneuverability. The rocker profile in our 10'6'' paddle board has a mellow entry rocker to handle big waves,
but easily catches the small stuff too. The tail rocker is slightly accelerated through the tail, allowing for easy turning and wave catching.
The rails have nice, forgiving, 50/50 rail that flows into a crisp edge 2/3 of the way down, for a solid, crisp feeling in your turns.
2+1 fin setup with FCS side bites with a vent plug on the deck near the handle that fits your whole hand,
instead of a knuckle or two.  Slight nose concave and subtle rolled vee coming through the fin.

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11'4"L x 29"W, 4 3/8"H, 29 lbs
     Capacity  250 lbs


Our 11'4'' has more of a sleeker, slender build. Ideal for someone looking for our lightest and fastest board
on the flat water or the surfer who has bigger, steeper waves in their area. The nose of the 11'4'' SUP comes to a
slight point, reducing the amount of contact with water, reducing the amount of drag. The difference in the rocker
with the 11'4'' is the tail is flatter for faster runs and maintaining trim speed, and the nose has a mellow entry rocker
to accommodate both wave catching and flat water.  Slight Vee through the fins help it stay on point.

2+1 fin setup with FCS plugs. Vent system is located on the deck near the handle.



Jason Ryan

12'L x 32"W, 5"H, 36 lbs
     Capacity  280 lbs


A great all-around board. If you are looking for the most versatile board on the market, this is it.
At over 32'' wide, this board offers maximum stability and floatation. The rocker is relaxed at both ends.
The nose accommodates for both wave catching and trim capabilities on the flat water, while the
tail rocker is forgiving in the waves to help turn on a dime.  The shape of the nose is round and full,
with wide hips coming down to the full tail, which allows for heavy weight on the deck while paddling,
such as a packed cooler with your rods and reels or your favorite little paddle partner sitting on the nose with you.
 Air vent on the deck, with deep handle. 2+1 fin setup, with FCS plugs.

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12'6"L x 30"W, 7.5"H

A great all around touring board.
Allows for maximum speed while maintaining stability. 
2 plus 1 fin setup.


Double Up

14'L x 36"W, 6"H, 47 lbs
     Capacity  1000 lbs

The perfect family board. Versatile enough to ride in the surf with up to three people, and on flat water with the entire family! 
Can hold over HALF-A-TON.  Glides as smooth as a race board with just one peddler alone, or everyone paddling!!
So pack your cooler, camping gear and fishing gear and bring the whole family on this ultimate expedition board!

Air vent on the deck, with deep handle. 2+1 fin setup, with FCS plugs.

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